All About Koi Fish Tattoos

Published: 29th September 2009
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According to an old Japanese legend, if a Koi Fish was able to climb the falls at a special point called the Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would instantly be turned into a dragon. Based on that, it has become a worldwide symbol of aspiration and advancement. More generally, the Koi is usually associated with perseverance in adversity and the strength of purposeful actions. Due to its strength and its deep determination to overcome any obstacle in its path, it is a sign of courage and also the ability to achieve high goals.

In Buddhism, it represents a human swimming through the ocean of suffering with no fear, just as the fish swims through the water. Another popular symbolization is that it represents different things depending on its colour and which direction it is swimming in. Golden Koi Fish usually represent eternal wealth and eternal well being. Dark Koi Fish represents evil, and Blue represents sadness, and you've probably caught on by now and guessed that red koi fish represents anger. Many believe that the colour of a Koi fish tattoo should be in harmony with you and your surroundings.

The great part about Koi Fish Tattoo Designs is that they're not only for women. Many designs in the tattoo world are meant for women, just because it is much easier for them to express feelings and their personality. They can tattoo almost anywhere and it will look good. Feet, wrists, shoulders, forearm, and the upper back are all great places to tattoo. For men, however, it is a bit harder because it needs to be placed in a way that it doesn't look awkward. The koi fish should NOT be tattooed in the lower or middle back, because that doesn't represent the success and accomplishment which is what Koi fish tattoos are about.

Koi Fish Tattoos are great for everybody. Koi fish are a unique way to represent the struggle that humans go through in their lives and keep continuing no matter what. They're about goals, perseverance, and hopes. They're on a really good streak of popularity right now. So much so that even celebrities are getting them.

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